Landmark gets exclusive rights to ISATIS geostatistics

Geovariances’ high end geostatistical package to underpin ‘next generation’ earth modeler.

Geovariances has signed an exclusive technology partnership agreement with Halliburton’s Landmark software arm. The five year deal will allow Landmark to introduce Geovariances’ ISATIS geostatistical earth-modeling technology to the E&P industry.

Next Generation

Landmark is to incorporate ISATIS’ geostatistical algorithms in a range of workflows supporting both ‘classic’ methodologies and innovations. The relationship will play a major role in Landmark’s ‘next generation’ earth modeling offering.


Geovariances has seen a rapid recent rise in the use of geostatistics in the oil industry due to its ‘significant contribution’ to data QC, spatial data analysis and risk assessment. Geovariances has its origins in Georges Matheron’s pioneering work at the Paris School of Mines and maintains close ties with the school’s Geostatistics Center located in Fontainebleau, south of Paris.

Third party

Isatis provides interfaces to third party software including Schlumberger’s Petrel (OITJ October 2007) and Beicip-Franlab’s RML.

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