Schlumberger wins exclusive MetaCarta distribution to E&P

Deal augments information management offering with lexicon-driven map search.

Schlumberger has obtained exclusive distribution rights to the oil and gas sector for MetaCarta’s map-based geographic information search technology. MetaCarta provides an industry-specific geographical lexicon, map-based search, temporal filtering and data visualization of both structured and unstructured content.

Le Peuch

Schlumberger Information Solutions president Olivier Le Peuch said, ‘MetaCarta is the perfect complement to our IM offering. With the amount of information held in unstructured form, such as documents, presentations and web content, MetaCarta’s geographically-specific access to unstructured content brings new power to petrotechnical professionals. In combination with our geoscience and engineering information management solutions, now petrotechnical professionals will be able to rapidly incorporate all available information that is relevant to their prospect or field.’


MetaCarta president and COE Ron Matros added, ‘Schlumberger’s global sales and support will accelerate the expansion of MetaCarta solutions into oil and gas.’ Schlumberger will acquire all existing contracts for MetaCarta in the oil and gas sector, resulting in a single source for sales and support of this technology in the industry.

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