Yokogawa augments VigilantPlant with GE monitoring package

Plant Resource Manager—a field of the future enabler—now adds rotating equipment diagnostics.

A new release of Yokogawa’s Plant Resource Manager (PRM) offers integration with GE Energy’s System 1 Platform. System 1 is the software front end to GE’s Bentley Nevada series of condition monitoring hardware, adding real time diagnosis of assets such as turbines and rotating machinery. PRM is a component of Yokogawa’s VigilantPlant/Asset Excellence initiative covering maintenance, condition-based monitoring and historical data.


The System 1 interface adds a supervisory window to PRM for machinery and field instrumentation such as transmitters and flowmeters. PRM integrates alarms and event messages generated by System 1 and provides additional information such as root cause and countermeasures advisories. The interface is said to widen PRM’s asset management capabilities, helping operators make decisions by providing ‘easy access to rich information on the health of their critical assets.’


Another upgraded VigilantPlant component is the FieldMate Versatile Device Management application that is used to set, adjust, and troubleshoot parameters of field devices using either the HART or Foundation Fieldbus protocols. VigilantPlant was recognized as a key component of BP’s Field of the Future initiative while GE’s System 1 saw a major deployment at Syncrude Canada’s Mildred Lake operation.

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