‘Kanak’ enhances Schlumberger gas operations

WITSML-based data aggregator from Moblize now component of Production Watcher solution.

Moblize has just released ‘Kanak 3.0’ a ‘100% WITSML-compliant’ dashboard for wellsite operations. Kanak aggregates data from multiple sources including SCADA, drilling and completion applications and field devices. Data is consolidated into WITSML or PRODML for storage in corporate systems or the Moblize Enterprise Gateway Server (MEGS). Kanak supports tag selection, data extraction, compression and validation.


Schlumberger was quick off the mark to sign up with Moblize to leverage Kanak to improve operations of onshore gas fields. MEGS data will flow to Schlumberger’s ProductionWatcher solution, a liquid loading workflow and gas well production management system. Schlumberger VP Alex Cisneros said, ‘We see value in this new generation of production processes, with decision-ready data used in new workflows, often by users that had no access to this information before. Realizing this value requires working closely with clients on their projects, advanced ‘last mile’ IT capabilities, and geo-technical strength with a broad, technology led service portfolio.’

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