MicroStation at heart of Petrobras obstacle management system

GIS-based obstacle inventory aids pipeline route planning and safe operations.

Petrobras’ Obstacle Management System (OMS) was highlighted at the recent Bentley user conference in Los Angeles. The $20 million project involved the mapping of 40,000 surface and deep-sea obstacles in Brazil’s Campos, Santos, Espírito Santo, and Rio Grande do Norte basins. Petrobras’ Ruy Santos Cova said, ‘Our new MicroStation-based system enables us to simply and quickly visualize in 3D all surface and deep-sea obstacles in areas of interest to help us research their characteristics. In addition to cutting pipeline installation times, this capability allows us to plot the most cost-efficient pipeline paths. With undersea piping costing about $1,000 per meter, savings from our use of shorter piping paths can be significant.’ By mapping obstacles, including rigid and flexible pipes, manifolds, platforms, pipeline terminals and well heads, Petrobras has been able to prevent accidents, decrease time spent managing pipelines, prevent environmental disasters and increase the security of offshore operations.

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