Standards news from ECCMA, OGP, CIDX, OGC, COMCARE

New announcements on metadata, cyber security, asset management, GIS, emergency response.

Peter Benson, executive director and CTO of the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA) has authored a paper describing the new ISO 8000 standard for data quality. ISO 8000 targets ‘next generation’ high speed and high relevance internet searches that rely on accurate and unambiguous descriptions. The first published part of the new spec covers requirements for the exchange of quality master data on people, organizations, locations, goods, services, rules and regulations. Read Benson’s paper on

Cyber security

The Control Systems Cyber Security Vendor Forum (CSCSVF) is to ‘align’ with the Process Control Systems Forum (PCSF) to improve control systems security. The CSCSVF fosters a culture of security in the process control industry by working on non-vendor specific security-related issues and acting as a ‘catalyst’ to mitigate risks.


The Oil and Gas Producers’ association (OGP) has published a document that shows the equivalence between standards from the API, ISO and OGP that concern the oil and gas vertical. The document is updated every six months and covers a vast range of activities including reliability and maintenance information, drilling and production hardware and control systems and construction materials specifications—the (long) list is available on


The chemical industry data exchange standards body CIDX is to cooperate with the Industrial Standards for Automation (ISA) organization on plant asset lifecycle management, considered to be ‘the next frontier in operations profitability for chemical companies’. Jointly developed standards target ‘smooth and consistent flow of critical information between plant assets and enterprise management systems.’ Specific areas of collaboration include CIDX endorsement of the ISA 95 enterprise and control integration standard.


The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has been busy this month with finalization of the ‘official’ KML 2.2 spec for Google Earth data. OCG has also endorsed the work of the Global Earth Observing System of Systems, which provides real-time information on the land, oceans, atmosphere and biosphere. A GEOSS pilot implementation is available at The pilot leverages the OpenGIS Web Map Server, Web Feature Server, Web Coverage Server and the Catalog Services Web implementation specifications.

Emergency response

The COMCARE Emergency Response Alliance is to work on interoperable, inter-organizational communications and information sharing for emergency preparedness, response and recovery. A Core Services initiative promises ‘sophisticated, shared information technology services’ in the form of a provider directory and locator service and identity management and access control services. More from

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