Petris spatializes RigCount, delivers Operations Center to Laredo

WindsEnterprise technology adds map interface to Baker Hughes drilling information service.

Baker Hughes has engaged Petris to ‘spatialize’ its Rig Count service. Baker Hughes’ (BH) Rig Count is provided as a service to investors. The site is reported to be one of the busiest websites following the weekly update. The 500 strong US BH sales force gathers the information during weekly visits to rigs. The system is now live in the US, Canada will be online in Q1 2008 and by the end of 2008, coverage will be world wide. Information is claimed to be very accurate although there are some challenges internationally—with Saudi Arabia, China and Russia. Petris GIS-enabled the BH dataset with its WindsEnterprise, ESRI-based technology.

Operations Center

In a separate announcement, Petris has deployed its Operations Center (OC) technology at Laredo Petroleum. OC ‘streamlines’ the acquisition and management of drilling and production operational data and incorporates it with corporate financial systems.


Laredo COO Jerry Schuyler said, ‘OC offered a cost effective, integrated approach to the management of our drilling, workover and production data.’ OC is a business intelligence system spanning engineering, drilling, completion, production, operations, and accounting departments. Petris acquired OC from ProductionAccess earlier this year (OITJ June 2007).

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