Santos extends mapping, data management software license

Petrosys builds on 15 year long ‘strategic relationship.’ MD claims 97% customer retention rate.

Australian oil and gas exploration and production company Santos has signed a two-year extension to its license to Petrosys’ mapping software. The new agreement builds on a fifteen year long strategic relationship with Petrosys and provides Santos employees with full access to Petrosys exploration and production software. The Petrosys system covers mapping and data management for well, seismic, lease, culture, spatial and prospect information.


Petrosys MD Volker Hirsinger said, ‘Petrosys is riding a wave of investment in technology. We deliver value-for-money through an active, customer-focused development program, coupled with customer support and training. Once customers begin to use Petrosys, they realize how much more effectively they can work.’ Petrosys claims an average 97% customer retention rate. More from

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