Landmark’s AssetConnect leverages Engineous technology

Software integration platform from aerospace links myriad production optimization applications.

Landmark has introduced a new approach to facilities design and optimization that leverages an interesting horizontal integration platform from Engineous. Engenious’ iSIGHT software integration platform is used in automobile and aerospace to automate component design. iSIGHT embeds optimization techniques such as large scale Monte Carlo, design of experiment and ‘design for six sigma’ to optimize workflows across multiple third party simulators. AssetConnect was unveiled by Michael Szatny at the SPE. Szatny described the production engineering ‘challenge’ where multiple technical applications and data sources are commonplace. The new technology was demonstrated with a frac job optimization study involving petrophysics, interpretation software and specialist tools like PinnacleFrac, ProPT and Corelab Predict-K. By plugging these tools into the AssetConnect infrastructure, design time was cut from 16 to 6 hours. The resulting workflow can be ‘packaged’ for re-use by other engineers and component software packages can be exchanged to cater for local preferences.


Engineous CEO Janet Wylie said, ‘AssetConnect is the logical extension of Engineous’s capabilities to oil and gas. Optimized and integrated workflows are essential in industries like aerospace and automotive design. Bringing such workflows to production engineering makes a lot of sense.’ Plug ins for AssetConnect include Landmark’s Nexus and third party applications like PROSPER/GAP, HYSYS, and Microsoft Excel—as well as custom in-house software.

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