New study investigates GIS usage in Oil and Gas

Exprodat survey finds low standards take-up and ‘very basic’ usage in ESRI-dominated upstream.

UK-based Exprodat Consulting has completed a study of the role of geographic information systems (GIS) in E&P. The study proposes a technology-independent deployment model for companies implementing a GIS strategy, applicable to any size of organization and reviews common GIS technologies, including desktop, image processing, 3D visualization, web-based GIS, the spatially enabled RDBMS and ‘globe’ GIS products.


The survey investigated participants’ GIS usage, spatial data management and investment in technology and support. Most E&P GIS use was ‘very basic’ although things are improving as GIS is better understood. The industry is dominated by a single GIS vendor (ESRI). Google Earth is not perceived as threatening ESRI’s position although most companies use it as a complimentary tool. There is limited take-up of Open Source technologies and formal standards in E&P. The multi-client study, originally sponsored by Maersk, ExxonMobil, Total, Chevron, PGS Reservoir, Petro-Canada, BG Group, Woodside Energy, Premier Oil, Wintershall and Nexen, is now available for purchase. More from

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