Hyperion’s PI-Compare links historian data with simulator

New tool aligns training simulator initial conditions with real plant condition data.

Cyprus-headquartered Hyperion, has released a new tool to align its Operator Training Simulators (OTS) with data in an OSIsoft PI System historian. The OTS is a ‘high fidelity’, real-time simulator, custom-built to match the dynamic behavior of a facility and its control systems. OTS are used throughout a facility’s lifecycle for operator training, startup and shutdown planning and to optimize operations.


The new tool, ‘PI-Compare’ is used to identify simulator initial condition that best matches real time historian data immediately before a disturbance. Instructors and engineers can then identify which simulation matches a particular state, and use the simulator for further investigations in either a training or troubleshooting scenario.


Hyperion VP Dean Jones said, ‘Our novel tools support the needs of our customers. Dynamic modeling and training simulators generate significant value for the process industries. Tools such as PI-Compare enable customers to obtain additional value from their investments.’ Hyperion clients include BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and Saudi Aramco.

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