Enterprise Enabler extends BizTalk/SharePoint

Stone Bond eases deployment and extends Microsoft’s XSLT engine to native mode industry formats.

Stone Bond Technologies has enhanced its Enterprise Enabler (EE) integration solution to accelerate the deployment of Microsoft BizTalk Server and enable rapid integration of complex information into the Microsoft’s SharePoint Server environment. Enterprise Enabler is claimed to be a ‘universal adapter’ for information availability, providing transformations and ‘semantic alignment.’ The solution targets data integration and processing and display of almost any data on these combined environments. The latest EE enhancements handle behind-the-scenes BizTalk complexity. EE’s transformation engine extends Microsoft’s XSLT engine with ‘native mode’ industry-specific formats. For oil and gas these include WITSML, PIDX, OPC and PPDM.

Digital oilfield

EE manages processes and data workflows such as those deployed in the digital oilfield. EE combines an Enterprise Application Integration framework, Extract Transform Load technology and workflow management in a single environment.

Vetco Gray

Drilling company Vetco Gray leveraged EE to automate its invoicing system and comply with the PIDX e-commerce standard. The development was performed at the request of Chevron, Vetco’s main client, to link in to Chevron’s ARIBA purchase to pay system. Other EE-based developments cover ERP, SCM, CRM and real-time SCADA. More from contact_sbt@stonebond.com.

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