Wescorp Navigator operations and maintenance embeds RFID

Strategic Decision Sciences acquisition addresses O&M for ‘unconventional’ operations.

Calgary headquartered Wescorp Energy has announced a new solution for both conventional and unconventional oilfield operations. The operations and maintenance (O&M) management solution is underpinned by Wescorp’s Navigator, a process management toolset, acquired in September 2007 when Wescorp bought Houston-based Strategic Decision Sciences.


Wescorp COO Scott Shemwell said, ‘The process starts with an analysis of an operator’s current field processes. We then recommend changes to those processes and provide the necessary hardware, equipment, and personnel to implement the changes. The result is the client improves operations while lowering production costs.’


Another newly announced product, the Intelligent Field Resource Management system, an RFID-driven solution is currently being tested in the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic. Information related to tagged equipment is tied in to the Navigator system.

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