MMS outsources IT

Accenture gets a contract worth up to $100 million for US Minerals Management Service’s royalty financial systems’ $9 billion annual turnover.

The US Department of the Interior’s Minerals Management Service (MMS) has engaged Accenture to operate its royalty financial system, associated databases and software.


MMS Director Randall Luthi said, ‘The new contract improves on a previous version, awarded to Accenture in 1999, and will ensure that MMS maintains the state-of-the-art computing capabilities necessary to efficiently collect and disburse an annual average of $9 billion in royalty receipts.’ According to a review team, Accenture submitted the best overall package to meet MMS’s requirements.

$100 million

The contract runs for a year from December 2007 with up to nine yearly extensions. Total value could reach $90 to $100 million over the life of the contract. The computing system accounts for rents and royalties’ distribution to various agencies and includes a database of historical financial and production information.


MMS reports that it has improved its internal controls following an earlier review and has developed ‘stronger in-house capability’ for cost estimates and acquisition processes and has ‘greatly enhanced its contracting officer representative function.’

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