New tools allows PipePhase simulations from within Excel

Invensys’ SIM4ME technology adds Excel-based front end to multiphase modeling flagship.

Invensys unit SimSci-Esscor has released an update to its PipePhase simulator that uses Microsoft Excel as a front end. PipePhase 9.2 incorporates new SIM4ME technology which enables the Excel integration. This lets users drag and drop multiphase flow model parameters such as wellhead pressures, gas oil ratios and PVT data into Excel. Bi-directional communications between the simulator and Excel require no user coding, allowing for easy creation of intuitive interfaces.


Jim Browne, SimSci-Esscor’s fluid flow manager said, ‘The ability to access any model parameter easily, change its unit of measure, and determine its status (as either an input or calculated value), from within Excel puts the user in the driver’s seat for data manipulating and integration. Microsoft Excel provides an ideal platform for engineers to create an operations interface that can be used by experts and non-experts alike, tapping the user’s imagination in ways that would be all but impossible with a pre-configured interface.’

Multi phase

PipePhase simulates multiphase flow in oil and gas wells and pipeline systems with capabilities spanning single well parameter sensitivity analysis to multiyear facilities planning over an entire field.

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