Statoil’s Enterprise Google Earth

In-house enhanced version of popular mapping tool gets top-level endorsement.

Speaking at a StatoilHydro’s seminar earlier this month, Ole J Martinsen, StatoilHydro’s VP of exploration research described some flagship new technology development the company has recently implemented. One breakthrough was the application of new ideas and the re-analysis of old data which resulted in the Ormen Lange discovery. Martinsen believes this approach will have other applications on the Norwegian continental shelf as ‘large areas remain unexplored and new opportunities lie in areas where operations are currently underway.’

Google Earth

Martinsen made particular mention of one novel application, ‘We need new technology and new ideas to move ahead. StatoilHydro’s development of its own version of Google Earth, where all data can be viewed in context, is an example of what we’re after. Together with Google, we have further developed the tool for use in our exploration activities. We have had good results internationally including in the Middle East and we have great hopes for the technology’s future and in the application of knowledge gained elsewhere on the NCS.’

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