Chevron Canada leverages Safe Software FME in GIS solution

Case study of Hibernia lease map shows complex workflow enabled by GIS transform toolset.

A paper from Safe Software describes how Chevron Canada Resources has used Safe’s FME to create its Hibernia lease map. Lease information is often stored in a region-specific grid system. Hibernia uses the Canadian Federal permit system survey grid. Going from the survey grid to the geographic coordinates required by mapping systems can be a compute intensive process that can significantly impact workflow productivity. Consequently, according to Safe, companies like Chevron are creating processes to generate these features automatically.

FME Workbench

Chevrons’ Calgary-based application and IM team uses an FME transformation workflow to extract data from disparate databases and generate its lease polygons. The data transformation workflow, built in FME Workbench, requires ten FME transformations.


The open source SQLExecutor extracts text-based lease descriptions from Chevron’s Oracle database. This is used to query the SDE database for coordinates which are converted to NAD27. Further FME tools merge the cells together to build the final lease polygon that is written back into SDE as a layer, ready for import to Chevron’s mapping applications.

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