Kinesix’ KX Edge to target web-based PRODML reporting

Control room software specialist to offer control room visualization to upstream.

Houston-based Kinesix Software is to target real time upstream operations with the latest release of its KX EDGE for Microsoft’s .NET architectures: KX EDGE Version 2.0 is a graphical human-machine interface derived from Kinesix’ flagship Sammi control room solution.

Real time

Kinesix believes that by applying control room techniques, upstream users can monitor large volumes of reall time operations data without the requirement for ‘complex in-house developed software.’ The new release adds remote access, an API for third-party integration, a new web-based GUI and an interface to Sammi apps.


Kinesix COE Russ Jamerson said, ‘KX EDGE is the perfect combination of .NET protocols and real-time control-room technology, bringing cutting-edge data visualization to industrial IT.’ The asynchronous, peer-to-peer API supports .NET remoting and HTTP.


Kinesix is working to extend KX EDGE to the upstream with off-the-shelf interfaces for XML-based data sources including WITSML, PRODML, and OPC.

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