de Groot-Bril confirms Madagascar—OpendTect integration

Open source seismic systems to offer ‘complete processing and interpretation’ environment.

As anticipated in the June issue of Oil IT Journal, de Groot-Bril (dGB) is to integrate its OpendTect interpretation environment with the open source ‘Madagascar’ seismic processing package. The integrated system will give the seismic community a complete environment for seismic R&D from processing, through interpretation, analysis and visualization.


Madagascar (formerly known as RSF) is an open-source software package for geophysical data processing and reproducible numerical experiments. The technology developed using the Madagascar project management system is transferred in the form of recorded processing histories, which become ‘computational recipes’ to be verified, exchanged, and modified by users of the system. Over 300 programs have been developed to date by a quickly growing community.

Workflow builder

dGB will develop a workflow builder to construct and execute Madagascar processing jobs. Processing flows can start from 2D and 3D pre and post-stack data in either Madagascar or OpendTect format. Processing jobs can be saved and executed directly in OpendTect. The project is sponsored by Statoil, BG, Graham Bowyer, Gerhard Diephuis and ‘an unnamed E&P company.’

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