Landmark’s ‘Edgar Ortiz center’, Schlumberger’s ‘Innovation lab’

Houston sees two presigious new digital centers—for real time ops and digital innovations.

Both Schlumberger and Halliburton have recently opened prestigious centers leveraging state of the art information technology and communications (ICT). Halliburton’s ‘Edgar Ortiz Real Time Center’ is a 13,000 square foot Houston-based facility for drilling and well optimization activity around the world. The system has the bandwidth to support over 14,000 real-time jobs a year and double that within four years.

Digital Asset

The engine inside the Center is Halliburton’s ‘Digital Asset’ real-time environment along with applications for well engineering, cementation, drillstring optimization, geomechanics and hydraulic modeling. The Center is named for Edgar Ortiz, who retired as CEO of Halliburton Energy Service Group in 2002 having established Halliburton’s vision of for real time operations and collaboration.


Schlumberger Information Solutions’ (SIS) ‘Innovation Lab,’ (IL) also in Houston, is to ‘create, test and showcase’ digital innovations. SIS president Olivier Le Peuch said, ‘We will collaborate with clients and industry experts to solve tough challenges of exploring and producing complex reservoirs.’ IL partners are Barco, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp, NVIDIA, Panoram and Whitlock.

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