Schlumberger signs exclusive deal for ThinAnywhere

Thin client 3D package underpins many oil and gas application hosting offerings.

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) has acquired exclusive development and distribution rights to Mercury International Technology’s ThinAnywhere product for the oil and gas vertical. ThinAnywhere allows 3D graphics programs running on Linux/Unix and Windows servers to be accessed with full functionality from remote PC-based workstations.


ThinAnywhere underpins Schlumberger’s LiveQuest application hosting offering, providing 3D thin client access and enabling centralized application support. LiveQuest now offers single sign-on, collaboration and remote management for E&P applications, simplifying IT support through infrastructure consolidation.

Le Peuch

SIS Olivier Le Peuch president said, ‘With the shortage of petrotechnical experts, support for remote collaboration is critical. The acquisition of ThinAnywhere strengthens our position in the remote access and collaboration markets.’


Schlumberger will acquire all existing contracts for ThinAnywhere in the oil and gas sector, resulting in a single source for support and development of this technology in the industry. Other ThinAnywhere oil and gas clients have included Landmark, Paradigm and CoreLab. ThinAnywhere also underpins CGG Veritas’ Remote QC (VRQC) seismic processing service (Oil ITJ July 2006).

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