Yokogawa launches Lifecycle Management program

Software and services bundle promises 15% reduction in operating costs.

Yokogawa has announced its ‘Lifecycle Management Program’ a software and services bundle that targets integrated maintenance of, inter alia, oil and gas production facilities. The program seeks to strike a balance between minimizing maintenance costs and avoiding unexpected equipment failures and lost production. This is achieved by Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and an Alarm Rationalization Service (ARS).


Yokogawa’s Satoru Kurosu said, ‘The LMP provides the customer with an optimal maintenance plan from the long-term perspective of the equipment lifecycle. The LMP assures asset reliability, availability and performance – key aims of our ‘VigilantPlant’ vision.’

Aberdeen Group

A 2006 survey by the Aberdeen Group found that up to 20% of production costs are maintenance. A move from corrective to strategic maintenance could reduce maintenance costs by 80% - i.e. 15% of lifting costs.


Yokogawa’s Michael Büßelmann told Oil IT Journal, ‘Our solutions span upstream and downstream operations. We monitor real-time field device information from pumps, heat exchangers and turbines and provide overall key performance indicators (KPI) to operators.’

Field of Future

Yokogawa has ‘field of future’ pilots in progress with Shell and BP. Yokogawa is a partner on a NAM gas storage consortium where the technology was used initially to monitor heavy rotating equipment. But as CBM proves it worth, smaller equipment items are coming into the system. CBM is a component of Yokogawa’s ‘Asset Excellence’ program and a component of BP’s Field of the Future effort. Data standards embedded in the toolset include S95 and Open Operations and Maintenance, ‘OpenO&M.’

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