ThreatScan pilot for E.ON Ruhrgas pipeline protection

Intensive testing program to include deliberate strikes on pipeline network.

European natural gas company E.ON Ruhrgas of Essen, Germany is installing GE Oil & Gas’ ThreatScan pipeline impact detection system on several of its German pipelines to evaluate the system’s effectiveness in protecting pipeline networks from third-party damage. The two-phase, $635,000 pilot is the first European application of ThreatScan.

50 km test

In phase one, five ThreatScan sensors have been installed on a 50 km section of pipeline near a construction site in southern Germany. Phase two will see the installation of further ThreatScan sensors on pipelines operated by DVGW (the German scientific and technical association for gas and water). The tests are being conducted in conjunction with planned repair activities on a particular section, where a serious impact will be ‘allowed.’ Tests will include deliberate drilling, scratching and striking of the pipeline.


GE Oil & Gas CEO Claudi Santiago said, ‘ThreatScan allows operators to monitor pipelines 24 hours a day, allowing them to immediately respond to, and investigate, potential problems as they happen.’ E.ON Ruhrgas operates more than 11,400 km of pipeline, 11 underground storage facilities and 28 compressor stations.

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