ModViz announces Panoram integration

Companies team to leverage latest NVIDIA technology in high resolution visualization centers.

Panoram Technologies and ModViz have teamed to deliver high resolution visualization centers. HP workstations and NVIDIA graphics will equip the new ‘visual super-computing platform’ capable of driving high resolution and immersive displays.


The new system will leverage multi-core CPUs and multi-GPU technology for the workstation alongside ModViz’s graphics virtualization to deliver the 3D performance and large data capabilities of older Unix systems. ModViz’ middleware sits between the operating system, the application and graphics subsystems to provide high end performance on commodity hardware.


ModViz CEO Tom Coull said, ‘By sharing our technology and marketing efforts we will be able to deliver a world-class visual computing solution. Our software and Panoram’s large-scale visualization centers will deliver a much needed solution to the oil and gas and other industries that use large screen, high resolution visualization.’

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