Safe Software supports FOSS with ETL contribution

FME positioned as ‘bridge’ between Open Source GIS and commercial systems.

Geographical extract, transform and load (ETL) specialist Safe Software gave a presentation at the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference in Victoria, BC, last month showing how Safe’s FME platform can be used to exchange data between open source and proprietary software.


Safe Software president Don Murray said, ‘Open source software was once viewed as a side note to an industry dominated by proprietary systems. But this is no longer the case. Today companies are looking to build hybrid geospatial systems combining commercial and open source solutions.’


A FOSS4G demo by Safe’s Dale Lutz showed bi directional data exchange between geospatial data in PostGIS, MySQL and SQLite backends and proprietary GIS systems such as ArcGIS and GeoMedia. Other demos showed GIS data load to PostGIS, MySQL, SQLite and PostGRES with FME’s quality assurance and data cleansing applied during the process.

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