Fugro’s ‘Back to the Future’ database

Database from Objectivity set to break the Oracle ‘mould’ of upstream data stores.

Way back in its early days, what was then the Petroleum Open Software Consortium (POSC) pinned its hopes on object database technology (Oil ITJ Vol. 1 N° 1). But the object database failed to catch on and since, the upstream has opted for wall to wall Oracle. Today, Fugro’s Data Services unit bucks the trend with its choice of the Objectivity data store for its geological, geophysical and reservoir modeling toolset.


Following an assessment of database solutions, Fugro-Jason selected Objectivity/DB as the data management platform for its applications. Dynamic support for multiple language bindings was considered key since Fugro will use the platform in a heterogeneous computing environment including Objectivity’s C++, .NET for C# and Python. OS support includes Windows, Solaris and Linux.


Brad Woods, manager of Fugro-Jason’s Reservoir Products Division said, ‘Our evaluation criteria included speed of development, schema evolution, performance and scalability. We will be demonstrating one of our first Objectivity-based products within a month and will deploy Objectivity/DB as the persistent data store in all of our future product releases.’

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