Paradigm reveals ongoing GeoProbe litigation

SEC filing prior to IPO reveals bi-directional patent infringement litigation with Halliburton unit.

As a part of its ‘S1’ filing to the SEC, Paradigm reports on litigation with Halliburton regarding the company’s 3D Propagator, Reservoir Navigator and VoxelGeo products that allegedly infringe on Landmark’s GeoProbe patents Nos. 6765570, 5570106 and 5615171. In December 2005, Landmark added Seismic Micro-Technology as a defendant to part of the suit.


Following an unsuccessful attempt at ‘alternative dispute resolution’ Paradigm counter-filed against Landmark in May this year, alleging ‘fraud and misrepresentation, breach of contract, [...] and misappropriation of trade secrets,’ seeking judgment that Paradigm owned Patent No. 6765570, that Landmark had infringed the patent and that anyhow the patent was ‘invalid and unenforceable’. In June 2006, Landmark and Magic Earth refiled their infringement claim, seeking damages and an injunction related to the alleged infringement of Reservoir Navigator and VoxelGeo and sought to dismiss Paradigm’s counter claims.

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