Petrosys leverages Open Document spec

XSL and the OASIS Open Document Format deliver metada and volumetrics to users.

Petrosys is increasing the range of data output from its mapping and data management applications that is delivered as an XML data stream, formatted with XSL. Petrosys uses XSL to define a range of style sheets that are used to communicate mapping and other metadata to output reports on volumetrics, grids and map queries in a variety of formats.


Volumetrics information can be reformatted for different web browser or output as comma delimited files for import into spreadsheets. Printer-friendly reports leverage the Open Document format (ODF) from OASIS, an office document format based on XML. ODF is already supported by OpenOffice and will ‘apparently’ be supported by Microsoft Office 2007.


Petrosys is convinced that XML has a great future as an archival medium. The growing acceptance of XSL and the XML readiness of office applications mean that clients can invest today in business processes leveraging the power of XML.

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