Geotrace deploys Panasas Active Storage

Cluster based ActiveScale storage system to displace processing house’s legacy NFS solution.

Houston-based seismic data processing boutique, Geotrace, has installed a high-end storage cluster from Panasas. The Active-Scale storage subsystem runs in tandem with Geotrace’s Linux cluster, streamlining management and system administrative tasks. The Panasas storage replaces Geotrace’s multiple NFS servers, which proved ‘costly to manage and slowed down seismic processing’.


Geotrace sysadmin Matt Gaskamp said, ‘With thousands of nodes in our Linux cluster, we’d like to use as many as possible on processing. Unfortunately, NFS made it hard to keep the cluster busy. Panasas Direct-Flow alleviated many NFS hurdles. We can now stop solving system issues and focus on imaging.’


The Panasas hardware/software storage solution combines a ‘next-generation’, parallel file system and an object-storage architecture. DirectFlow’s parallel data path allows high speed communication between the cluster and storage, eliminating performance bottlenecks that can cause the cluster to idle as it waits for data. A single global namespace provides high scalability and near linear scaling in performance as more capacity is added.


Panasas VP Larry Jones added, ‘Geotrace is one of many energy industry customers that use our system to achieve a competitive edge.’

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