Borehole telemetry for abandoned well

Expro Group’s CaTS system monitors pressure and temperature in BP’s abandoned offshore well.

UK-based Expro Group is claiming a ‘world first’ for its Cableless Telemetry System (CaTS) reservoir monitoring technology. CaTS was used by BP to remotely monitor pressure and temperature response in an abandoned subsea well on the West of Shetland Clair Ridge appraisal.

Real time

CaTS allows real-time information to be transmitted up and down hole without the use of cabling or wireline in the well. Two-way transmission capability enables the remote control of downhole instrumentation, opening the path to the radical redesign of downhole completions.


BP installed CaTS when it abandoned its 206/8-T well in June 2006. Since then, wireless telemetry data is collected, processed and stored on the seabed and uploaded on demand to a supply vessel. The first such data interrogation visit took place in early July when post abandonment reservoir pressure and temperature data was successfully captured.


BP uses CaTS to monitor long-term reservoir pressure build-up following drill stem testing and to study interference effects from activity on the nearby Clair platform.

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