350,000 energy single sign-on licenses

Passlogix claims ‘industry standard’ status for its v-GO password management system.

Enterprise single sign-on specialists, New York-based Passlogix, reports it has sold 350,000 licenses to energy companies. Passlogix’ single sign-on (SSO) offers password management for users of multiple enterprise applications. Clients include three of the world’s largest energy companies as well as many independent oil and gas companies which use the v-GO Sign-On Platform to strengthen security and eliminate the need for users to remember many individual passwords.


Passlogix CEO and President Marc Boroditsky said, ‘The sector faces multiple challenges in controlling employee data access—from homeland security to networks extending to offshore platforms. Our enterprise SSO is becoming an industry standard because of its functionality, rapid deployment integration with two-factor authentication devices.’


Chevron has implemented Passlogix’ solution to control access for employees, contractors and joint venture partners. Schlumberger’s Identity Process Security Platform card management system also ran.

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