Quantapoint migrates plant data to CAD

Data captured from laser scanning devices in the field integrates plant data management systems.

Quantapoint is about to release PRISM 3D, a new tool for capturing dimensional information from plants digitized using laser scanning devices. PRISM 3D and its sibling, QuantaCAD for PDMS, target oil and gas, refining and petrochemical plant lifecycle operations and data management.


The new package adds ‘hover text’ to show the location of cursor in the digitized plant, making it faster and easier to extract information. Points can also be tagged so that specific 3D locations such as tie points and design points can be identified and shared. Pipe information such as centerline and diameter can be obtained with a mouse click and the digitized plant can be draped around a CAD model.

Digital plant

Quantapoint claims over 750 successful ‘digitized plant’ projects that provide clients with accurate information for design, fabrication and construction decisions, including accurate dimensional fit-up, fabrication, clash detection and construction visualization.

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