Geo-referenced imagery for Google Earth

RealViz adds photo realism to geo-referenced models, leveraging new COLLADA standard.

Image processing specialist RealViz now lets users of its photo-based software applications, VTour and ImageModeler create geo-referenced 3D scenes for visualization in Google Earth (GE). 3D models, virtual tours and other photo-realistic material can be published in GE, pin-pointing exact geographical positioning, courtesy of the GE 3D viewer.


ImageModeler creates photo-realistic 3D models from multiple photographs. The package is used to create models of facilities and plants which can be used to build entire 3D environments. VTour simulates what a person would see walking within the model in photo-realistic detail.


RealViz exports 3D models (polygons and texture maps) to Google Earth using the COLLADA (Collaborative Design Activity) file format, an open standard XML file format from Sony. COLLADA is also supported by other 3D applications and CAD packages from Autodesk.

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