Invensys 3PM optimizes Gassco’s Kårstø

High end real time modeling to optimize 8,000 km Norwegian natural gas network.

Gassco, pipeline capacity allocator for the Gassled joint venture between oil and gas companies operating on the Norwegian continental shelf has commissioned a major automation project from Invensys to improve its operational capacity. Gassco transports about 15% of Europe’s natural gas through its 8,000 km network.


A key component of the Gassco network is the Statoil-operated Kårstø processing complex north of Stavanger. Kårstø is one of the world’s largest producers of liquefied natural gases, including ethane, propane and butane.


The automation project set out to offer Gassco enhanced commercial management of the asset and to provide real time optimization to Statoil, the technical services provider. The complex Kårstø facility contains multiple line-ups and cross-overs, requires high heat integration and imposes significant energy costs on its operators.


Invensys’ plant, performance and planning model (3PM) offers users with different skill sets access to a unified view of the same information. The company’s ROMeo package lets engineers model and optimize complex processes in real time.

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