MetaCarta to plug ’n play with ESRI

Geotagger text-based GIS to sell as component of ArcWeb Services.

MetaCarta has signed an agreement with ESRI to provide its GeoTagger technology as a component of ESRI’s ArcWeb Services (AWS). AWS users will be able to geo-reference data found in unstructured documents such as articles, field service documents, internal reports and web pages and view the results in custom mapping applications. ArcWeb Services allows users to access GIS content and capabilities over the web. Data storage, maintenance and updates are handled by ESRI ‘eliminating the overhead of purchasing and maintaining large data sets.’


ESRI president and founder Jack Dangermond said, ‘ESRI’s GIS technology is continually evolving, and we are excited to extend our capabilities to include on-the-fly processing of unstructured data. MetaCarta’s solutions help spatially enable data that was previous inaccessible—such data is served in a cost-effective manner that helps extend GIS to business applications.’

GIS for Everyone

MetaCarta VP marketing, Claudine Bianchi, said, ‘MetaCarta is supporting ESRI’s ‘GIS for Everyone’ effort by providing on-demand geospatial analysis of documents for business users and GIS professionals.’ Roll-out of the solution is scheduled for Q4 2006.

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