Octaga’s 3D viewer for Ormen Lange

Shell orders high-end visualization system for CAD models. 3D plug-in for Acrobat announced.

Octaga is developing an advanced 3D viewing product for Shell’s Norwegian unit. The visualization system will be used to visualize models of Shell’s Ormen Lange producing field at the onshore process plant located at Nyhamna on Norway’s north west coast. Octaga’s offering targets real time 3D data visualization that extends computer aided design (CAD) software. The package allows users to use existing CAD data assets for operational simulation, maintenance procedures, inspection and training.


Shell project manager Tor Guttorm Jensen said, ‘With its high performance, high-quality rendering technology, extensive user-interface toolkit and flexible viewers, Octaga is well positioned to provide Shell with its 3D viewing needs for Ormen Lange.’


Octaga has also developed an X3D plug-in for Adobe. Users can now interact with 3D visualizations embedded in a PDF document. X3D is an ISO ratified 3D scene interchange format for 3D visualization and virtual reality. X3D development was funded by Yumetech, Inc. and the Web3D Consortium.

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