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Summer has been a busy time for appointments, M&A activity and worldwide marketing alliances.

ESRI has a new ‘one-stop’ training and education web site on

Seitel is studying an offer from ValueAct Capital to acquire the company.

GITA has announced the Geospatial Industry Workforce Information System,, a GIS training portal.

CGG has published estimates of the global seismic market as follows (all for 2006). Seismic services:- WesternGeco $2 bn., CGG/Veritas, $1.5 bn. and PGS, $1.1 bn. Global offshore acquisition was estimated at $3.8 bn. and ‘accessible’ processing at $700 mm.

Aspen Technology has asked the SEC for a 15-day extension for filing its Annual Report. A independent review of stock options accounting has determined that certain previously issued financials require restatement.

Baker Atlas has acquired Orenburgnefte-geofizika, a Russian wireline company.

Richard Price has been appointed director of CGG’s 3D marine services. Price hails from CGG takeover target, Veritas DGC.

Chevron Technology Company is opening two new energy technology centers in Aberdeen, UK and Perth, Australia.

Divestco has acquired Calgary-based Cavalier Land. Cavalier’s technology will be combined with Divestco’s LandRite solution.

Expro Group has acquired Houston-based well test specialists PowerWell Services in a $675 million transaction.

IHS has promoted Scott Key to Senior VP, Corporate Marketing.

A group led by Hellman & Friedman and Texas Pacific Group is to acquire Intergraph for approximately $1.3 billion cash.

Paul Maton is no longer with POSC. Maton previously headed up POSC’s European arm.

MicroSeismic Inc. has received a $7 million cash injection from Altira Group, Chevron Technology Ventures and RockPort Capital Partners.

John Fikany has been promoted to VP of Microsoft’s Manufacturing Industries unit. The company’s oil and gas division falls within this organization.

Mike Slee is Regional Manager of Open Spirit’s new Asia Pacific office in Australia. Earlier in his career, Slee formed the data management consultancy, ISA.

Paras has hired Maria Marcano Leal, Paul Marshall, Philip Selley, Leonardo Aritonang and Matt Luheshi to its team of consultants.

Petris has signed an agreement with EPIS to market its technology in China. Petris has also appointed Andrew Zolnai as sales director, Eastern Hemisphere.

HIG Capital has acquired New Orleans-based offshore telecommunications specialist PetroCom.

Sheila Wilson has joined the Pipeline Open Data Standards Association (PODS) as Executive Director.

Dallas-based Avatar Systems has acquired Questa Software for $2.2 million.

Andreas Roenning is to head-up Roxar’s new office in Denmark.

SpectrumData has named Paul Caselli as Data Storage Solutions Manager for Oceania region. JGI is now SpectrumData’s representative in Japan.

Chris Chouker is to run Techsia’s new Middle East unit in Oman.

Total has appointed Jean-François Minster to Senior VP, Scientific Development. Minster hails from the French R&D behemoth, CNRS.

SCADA security specialist Verano has acquired the security services division of e-DMZ Security.

Wireless SCADA specialist vMonitor reports new sales to Shell’s Nigeria unit and Venezuela’s PDVSA.

Rice University has received a $10 million grant from the US Department of Energy to develop supercomputer software.

A survey conducted by the UK’s Energy Institute ‘reveals’ future energy skills shortages.


Susan Morgan of Earth Decision sent the following clarification relating to last month’s lead: ‘Regarding the future interaction between the GoCad Consortium, Earth Decision and Paradigm. The Consortium does not develop our software. Earth Decision maintains the kernel for the Consortium. Going forward, we will remain both a participant and contributor to the Consortium and will share information and collaborate with all members including our competitors.’.’

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