OpenSpirit trials web service data access

New web data service targets both casual and power users of OpenSpirit infrastructure.

OpenSpirit is currently piloting a new web server that will allow users to view data and launch applications from any OpenSpirit-enabled application or datastore (including GIS data stored in ESRI’s SDE). The OpenSpirit web server (OSWS) will offer data browsing, selection and visualization from a ‘lightweight’ browser.


OSWS offers both casual and power users. Casual browsing targets executives who need a quick spatial view of areas of interest. Power users can get a quick look at project data without tying up application licenses. Selected data can be broadcast to OpenSpirit-enabled applications on the desktop.

Google Earth

The OSWS creates dynamic KML (Keyhole Mark-up Language) layers for viewing in lightweight 3D browsing tools, such as Google Earth, ESRI’s ArcGIS Explorer and NASA’s World Wind.

Roll your own

The OSWS includes a subset of the OpenSpirit Framework in the form of a set of web services accessible via http. These can be used in corporate web-based applications to list and query OS data and projects. Web services also send data selection events and return PNG grid images or KML files for GIS data.

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