Neuralog and Zeh team on printing solution

New package offers high speed, managed log plotting direct from upstream applications.

Neuralog and Zeh Software have announced a high speed log printing package combining the NeuraLaser log printer with Zeh’s Plot Express software for Unix, Linux and Windows. Plot Express prints directly from industry applications and includes Zeh’s print queue management. NeuraLaser prints logs at four inches per second in black and white on plain archival paper. NeuraStackers refold log prints and provide for unattended operation for up to 1,000 feet of paper.


You might think that with ‘digital business’ the focus on scanning and printing was something of an anachronism. Not at all, according to Neuralog’s Javan Meinwald who told Oil IT Journal that Neuralog’s business is booming with several major accounts embarked on large scanning projects. Shell in particular is reported as having a ‘scan everything’ policy, worldwide.

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