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Software and hardware short takes this month cover Petrosys Release 15, Datalog’s WellWizard Tour Sheet, JOA Jewel Suite, Simco’s Internet Application Suite (beta), M2M Data’s 2.5 iSCADA release and alliances between C Tech and EarthSoft, ESRI and SAP, and IBM and Mercury.

Release 15 of Petrosys’ mapping package offers improved control and auditability of the gridding process and extends connectivity to other grid and raster data formats including GeoFrame, OpenWorks, ArcSDE, Arc raster catalogue and Rescue. A direct connect is now provided to Kelman (KTI) seismic archives in Calgary. Petrosys workflows leverage XML to capture typical software usage such as gridding. XML allows jobs to be run in batch mode or for sharing of expertise between users.

JOA Jewel Suite now provides support for 25 million cell models and a new automated structural modeling (ASM) workflow that creates a ‘water-tight’ structural framework for reservoir simulation. ASM cleans up inconsistencies in a seismic interpretation such as horizon and fault overlaps or gaps. A 64 bit Windows version of JOA Jewell will be released later this year. A ‘mid-market’ release of the full static and dynamic modeling package (limited to models of under 1 million cells) is now available for $30,000/year rental.

Roumania-based Simco has announced a public beta version of its internet application suite for the oil industry at The package offers online tools for unit conversion, reservoir characterization, mass balance, flow assurance, engineering and economics.

M2M Data has just released an upgrade to its internet-based SCADA service, iSCADA. The 2.5 release adds new functionality and enhancements to the ‘end-to-end’ managed network for communicating data between remote assets, operators, and enterprise IT systems. M2M has also signed joint marketing agreements with Simple Com Tools and Motient Communications for integration and deployment of M2M’s applications.

C Tech Development has signed an engineering and marketing agreement with EarthSoft to integrate C Tech’s Environmental Visualization Systems (EVS) with EarthSoft’s EQuIS 5 product line. C Tech’s Automation System (AutoSys) is now in final review with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

ESRI’s ArcGIS 9.1 has received a ‘Powered by NetWeaver’ accolade from SAP. ESRI and SAP users can now integrate enterprise server GIS with SAP solutions. The certification tests cover deployment of Java 2 Enterprise Edition applications on SAP NetWeaver and integration with the SAP Portal.

Mercury Computer Systems is to partner with IBM to integrate IBM’s Cell microprocessor technology in its computer systems designed for data-intensive applications. The IBM Cell Broadband Engine is the scientific and technical version of the chipset used in Sony’s Playstation 3 and promises a 200 GFLOPS processing bandwidth .

Datalog has announced a new WellWizard Tour Sheet (WWTS) application that generates an electronic daily drilling report from its Electronic Drilling Recorder and the ANAX 500 Mud Logging System. The WWTS generated PDF report includes pertinent well data, operational details and payroll information and is licensed by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC). Support for the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) Tour Sheet is planned.

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