Interview—John Gibson, Paradigm CEO

Oil IT Journal interviewed Paradigm CEO at the EAGE—just before the Earth Decision acquisition.

What was the substance of your talk at the Schlumberger Information Systems (SIS) ‘Open’ Symposium earlier this year?

That Paradigm is committed to openness leadership in science, work processes and process auditability.

What do you understand by openness?

Despite investment in POSC/PPDM, the industry still doesn’t have a standard. It is nevertheless important that leaders in technology commit around a platform and this is where Paradigm is taking a leadership role. Even though we have made a tremendous commitment to Epos, we have been prepared to compromise and go for OpenSpirit (OS). We are impressed with SIS’ commitment to openness and OS and its willingness to have me on the OS board of directors. Schlumberger is to help Paradigm adapt to the OS platform.

Interoperability means many things to SIS—OS, Ocean and of course Petrel.

We are interested in linking to Petrel for customers doing high end simulation of basins and fields.

Both Epos and OS are CORBA buses which should make a convergence or rationalization relatively easy.

We are working through which pieces are important for our customers and trying to figure out what to do here. There are differences in approach however. OS is data centric and focuses on data exchange while Epos is workflow centric. We will continue to work on Epos – Epos V3 will be out in September. We are committed to support a best of breed environment and don’t want to restrict Epos.

Is Epos core business to Paradigm?

Yes. Epos has more hooks to data than OS. But we appreciate and expect OS to be a moderator of the pace of change re Halliburton and SIS. Letting them work side by side at least for the near term. Our focus is data flow rather than data management.

How can you support prestack interpretation without doing data management?

The industry is complex. Operators have to consider the climate picture offshore, track icebergs and whales! Data management is bigger than one vendor. Maybe bigger than an oil company. I suggest G&G companies should partner with companies like IBM who are into more generic data management services.

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