IHS sells iNodes unit to Ferguson Beauregard

IHS Energy’s venture into wireless data ends with sale of monitoring technology to Dover Corp. unit.

IHS has sold its iNodes business to Dover Corp. unit Ferguson Beauregard of Tyler, TX. Ferguson Beauregard manufactures wellhead automation tools, control systems and plunger-lift products. IHS’ venture into data acquisition began in 2004. iNodes, self-contained wireless devices offer ‘affordable automation’ of pressure monitors, flow meters and tank levels.


IHS Bob Stevenson explained, ‘iNodes has delivered affordable automated monitoring for wells that would not previously have been candidates for automation due to the high cost. However, our core competency is delivering information to clients, and not oilfield equipment.’


Ferguson Beauregard president Jack Rogers added, ‘IHS has been an innovator with this technology. Our automation division has the capabilities to expand this offering and take it to the next level. We feel it is a good fit for both the company and our clients.’

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