PlantData reports on 50 SCADA security audits

SCADA security in the limelight with arrival of US DoE Critical Infrastructure Protection legislation.

Verano unit PlantData Technologies has just reported on some 50 SCADA, EMS, and DCS Security assessments that it has conducted over the past five years. The audits have been conducted in part as a preparation for new US Department of Energy legislation on Critical Infrastructure Protection. The major SCADA security issues uncovered by the study were insufficient network isolation, insecure remote access, a ‘flat’ SCADA IP environment (all in one big subnet), contractor access and a lack of security event monitoring tools.

Industrial Defender

PlantData’s SCADA security assessment and its NERC CIP gap analysis experience combine with Verano’s Industrial Defender SCADA security solution to offer organizations expert advice on NERC CIP compliance and SCADA security mitigation. PlantData has conducted SCADA security assessments for clients including the Department of Energy, Syncrude and Schlumberger. More details of the security breaches found during the PlantData audit in next month’s Oil IT Journal.

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