ModViz leverages NVIDIA Quadro Plex

High-end graphics platform now supports world’s first dedicated visual computing system.

Oakland, CA-based ModViz announced support for NVIDIA’s Quadro Plex in its ‘Virtual Graphics Platform’ (VGP) at the Boston 2006 SIGGRAPH conference this month. ModViz’ VGP farms-out graphic-intensive applications across multiple graphics processing units (GPUs) and multiple CPU cores.

Visual computing system

NVIDIA’s Quadro Plex is described as the world’s first dedicated visual computing system (VCS). The VGPVCS bundle promises 3D visualization users and application developers a ‘robust’ multi-GPU graphics sub-system for high-end graphics performance and maximum 3D data throughput.

No code re-write

ModViz’s VGP optimizes graphics performance and improves 3D data throughput by distributing rendering tasks over multiple GPUs. The OpenGL-based platform delivers supercomputing level visualization of large data sets and multi-GPU scalability. Developers can access the graphics engine without rewriting code.


ModViz CEO Tom Coull said, ‘VGP enables users enjoy the 3D graphics power and resulting benefits of the NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS with minimal change to their workflow.’ ModViz’s software solutions are used to visualize highly complex or very large 3D data sets, delivering ‘supercomputing-level’ visualization on multi GPU hardware.


The new design promises a 2.4 GigaPixel bandwidth, almost ten times the performance of previous workstations. Last year, (OITJ Vol. 10 N° 11) Shell deployed the VGP accelerate its 3D seismic interpretation application 123DI. Modviz VGP alliance partners in the oil and gas vertical include Earth Decision, Landmark and Paradigm. Other end users include BHP Billiton, ConocoPhillips and Chevron.

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