Cypress E&P deploys Intransa IP-SAN

‘Network-centric’ IP storage solution brings four fold increase in upstream application performance.

Cypress E&P Corp. of Austin, TX has selected a network-centric, IP storage solution from San Jose, CA-located Intransa to improve its geoscience application performance. Cypress experienced a four fold increase in its seismic, geologic, and topographic data last year and wanted a solution that would satisfy its field workers and offices in Houston and Austin. The Intransa storage system gave engineers and drillers in the field seamless access to the geo-data projects and allowed them to collaborate in real time with other team members.


Cypress CIO Eric Bass said, ‘The Intransa system leveraged our existing IP network and gave us the storage performance, accessibility, and scalability we needed to meet our business goals. Now our geo-science team has access to all available data no matter where they are on the network, and as administrator I can easily add, subtract, or reconfigure capacity depending on their needs.’

IP 5500 SAN

Initially, Cypress deployed an Intransa IP5500 SAN with dual storage controllers and five disk enclosures bringing the company’s total storage capacity to 20 TB. Bass was able to set up and configure the network within a day and now uses Intransa’s management solution to centrally monitor the systems and provision capacity as needed. This has now been upgraded to the flagship IP7500 system in anticipation of significant data acquisition in the second half of 2006. The Cypress SAN now consists of a fully redundant ‘no single point of failure’ network rack with four storage controllers and six disk enclosures providing a total of 26.4 TB.


Cypress’ mission-critical applications include Seismic MicroTechnology’s Kingdom Suite, Geographix’ Discover, Hampson-Russell’s HRS, and VisualVoxAT from Geomodeling Corp.; Cypress email, file storage and financial systems also share the hardware.

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