Veritas’ remote processing quality control

New VRQC service offers interactive, remote seismic processing and visualization.

Veritas has launched a new on-line service, Veritas Remote QC (VRQC), that offers clients secure, worldwide interactive access to seismic data in real-time from almost anywhere in the world.

Kerr McGee

Kerr-McGee has been using VRQC to QC its seismic processing projects. According to Victor Kriechbaum, geophysicist with Kerr-McGee, ‘VRQC let staff in Houston quality-control processing performed in the UK. In both fast-track 3D processing and for our extensive PSTM project, VRQC has helped in situations where PowerPoint images won’t work. VRQC let us run Veritas’ Expose seismic data viewer to scroll, zoom and scale the seismic data or to create difference sections.’


The package also hosts on-line meetings as Veritas’ Chris Denchfield, explained, ‘On-line meetings enable client representatives, interpreters and processors to interact directly with the seismics and with each other, saving time and money. It also provides earlier interpretive input, more focused processing and enhanced QC.’


VRQC technology enablers include secure portals, high performance firewalls and Mercury International’s ThinAnywhere servers. Security measures separate guest users from the production environment and ensure that clients cannot access each other’s data.

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