Shell’s global remote sensing image server

ER Mapper’s consultants have developed a web-based image server for satellite imagery.

Shell E&P has rolled out a bespoke ER Mapper-based solution to make its twelve terabyte archive of satellite imagery available to users throughout the world. The Image Web Server-based solution was built by ER Mapper’s Enterprise Services team. Imagery can be imported into desktop applications such as ER Mapper, Microsoft Word or ESRI’s ArcGIS. Specialist and non specialist users can now access. Remote Sensing, GIS, and CAD specialists can use the imagery in their desktop applications and non-specialists can embed imagery from Shell’s central repository into a document or presentation.


Shell Remote Sensing consultant Richard Eyers said, ‘Specialist and non-specialist users can now quickly find and access imagery from the archive, providing us with an increased return on our investment in remotely sensed data.’

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