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Software news this month from Blue Marble (GeoCalc 6.2), Encom (Discover 8.0), Enersight (WellSpring 2.0), Invensys (InFusion), M2M Data Corp (iPM), Petrospec Technologies (Equipoise 2006), Roxar (64 bit IRAM RMS) and Wellogix (CSM Suite and new US patent).

Blue Marble’s GeoCalc 6.2 release supports the latest version of the OGP’s EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset v6.10. GeoCalc leverages XML data formats and the OpenGIS Consortium’s well-known text (WKT) definitions.

Encom has just announced a new version of Discover, its MapInfo based geoscience GIS environment. Discover 8.0 adds 2D and 3D data visualization and analysis grid creation enhancements, data selection tools, statistical reports and other productivity tools.

Enersight’s WellSpring 2.0 adds risk and sensitivity analysis into the network economics. Multiple risked development scenarios can be compared in terms of their impact on expected values and reserves. Assets can have multiple decline parameter sets defined. Drilling programs can be designed to take account of rig availability, drilling time and facility capacity. Support for coal bed methane allows for varying gas composition and well deliverability as the reservoir pressure declines.

Invensys Process Control has announced ‘Move to the Mesh,’ a bundled I/A Series system upgrade incentive. Legacy I/A Series users can upgrade to a bundle of field-mounted I/A Series Control Processors, Windows XP-based flat-panel LCD workstations, software licenses and redundant I/A Series ATS modules. The I/A Series system also allows users to deploy Invensys’ new InFusion enterprise control system (ECS). InFusion ECS adds enterprise information and integration technologies from Microsoft and SAP to process control infrastructures. A 16-page brochure describing InFusion ECS is available from

M2M Data Corp. announced that it is providing maintenance scheduling service for over 4,000 assets only 10 weeks after release of its iPM Maintenance Scheduler Service product, claimed to be the fastest ever adoption of a new service from the company.

Petrospec Technologies has released Equipoise 2006, its pore pressure and wellbore mechanical forecast and analysis while drilling package. The new release includes modules for real-time analysis of wellbore stability and formation properties as well as integrated Internet security for real-time updates at remote network servers. Recent Equipoise licensees include Pioneer and Energy Partners Ltd.

Roxar has announced a port of its flagship 3D reservoir modeling package, IRAP RMS to the Windows 64-bit platform. IRAP RMS is now available on Linux 64-bit, UNIX 64-bit and Windows 64-bit platforms. Benefits include increased data volumes, faster computation and lower operating costs. IRAP RMS now also runs in native mode on all supported hardware platforms and operating systems, without the need for emulation.

Wellogix has just announced a new Complex Services Management Suite (CSM Suite), a solution for planning, procurement and payment of complex oil field services. Wellogix’ CSM Suite underwent ‘rigorous’ architectural design review at Microsoft’s Technology Center in Austin. The new release takes advantage of Microsoft’s information worker strategy and 2007 Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server and will embed Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, SharePoint and Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005. Wellogix was granted US patent N° 7,043,486 for its ‘complex business project workflow’ technology.

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