Michigan Tech speaks DoE’s LINGO

US Department of Energy awards $1.3 million to projects to mitigate environmental impact of E&P.

Three awards have been made from the US Department of Energy $1.3 million Low-Impact Natural Gas and Oil (LINGO) scheme, managed by the National Energy Technology Laboratory. The University of Arkansas and the Argonne National Laboratory, will develop a web-based package to enable small E&P companies to generate development plans for work in sensitive ecosystems within the bounds of the Fayetteville Shale play.

Michigan Tech

A second award goes to Michigan Tech for a new strategy to satisfy a state environmental regulation that places large tracts of the Michigan Basin off-limits to E&P. Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) gets another award to develop an Adverse-Impact Reduction Handbook to help E&P companies identify onshore barriers to E&P and provide viable approaches to minimize impacts. The handbook will serve as a best practices guide with case studies, field research, and ‘broad stakeholder input’ to overcoming opposition or delays for E&P activity. IOGCC is partnered by ALL Consulting, Devon Energy and various State agencies.

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