White paper explores RFID use in oil and gas

Wipro’s Vibhor Gupta describes multiple applications of radio frequency ID tags in the oil patch.

A new White Paper, authored by Vibhor Gupta (Wipro) outlines likely applications for RFID technology in oil and gas. Along with the regular identification number (ID), some RFID tags contain kilobytes of data on, for instance temperature history. RFID data can be read by an operator with a hand-held device or transferred directly to a computer for automated inventory management.


RFID, also referred to as Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), embeds digital memory that can be programmed using radio signals. This can take place in tough production environments at high speed. Most RFID devices have a latency of 1/10th second.


Tags may be active (batteries included) or shorter range, passive tags that receive their energy from the radio frequency field supplied by the reader. Tag readers talk to individual items thanks to sophisticated ‘anti-collision’ algorithms that uniquely identify each tag.


In-depth systems, a technology company established by Marathon Oil, offers RFID solutions for the oil well applications including accurate perforating gun triggering. Actuant unit Hydratight uses RFID tags to ensure correct assembly of pipe joints. Finally, there are multiple applications for RFID in e-business and cashless transactions. Read the full Wipro White Paper on www.oilit.com/papers/wipro.pdf.

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